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Talk about the performance characteristics of the flood light

2020-05-11 00:00:00

Outdoor wall washer manufacturers introduce you the performance characteristics of flood lights

1. The internal external anti-shock structural design is adopted to effectively solve the problems of the lamp falling off due to strong vibration, the lamp life shortening, the bracket breaking.

2. The high-efficiency gas discharge lamp is used as the light source, the service life of the bulb is more than 10,000 hours, which is especially suitable for outdoor large-scale unattended lighting.

3. It has good electromagnetic compatibility will cause electromagnetic interference to the surrounding environment.

4. The overall heat dissipation of the lamp is good, which can reduce the probability of failure.



One symmetry: the constant intensity curve of the lamp has only one symmetry plane. The lamp adopts an asymmetric cylindrical reflector a symmetric cylindrical reflector plus a grid that restricts light. The most typical is the sharp cut-off block retracted light distribution. A single lamp of this kind of light intensity distribution can obtain a more satisfactory illuminance distribution.

Two symmetry: The iso-intensity curve of this type of floodlight has two symmetry planes. Most lamps use symmetrical cylindrical reflectors install linear light sources along the cylindrical axis.

Asymmetric shape: The iso-intensity curve of this type of lamps does have a plane of symmetry. It is mainly mixed light fixtures with different types of light sources with large differences in light intensity distribution special fixtures designed according to the specific lighting requirements of the place of use.

Rotationally symmetrical shape: The lamp adopts a rotationally symmetrical reflector, the symmetry axis of the light source with rotationally symmetrical light distribution is installed along the reflector axis. The iso-intensity curve of such lamps is concentric. In this type of floodlight, when a single lamp is illuminated, an elliptical spot is obtained on the illuminated surface, the illumination is uneven. However, when multiple lamps are illuminated, the spots are superimposed on each other, which can produce a satisfactory lighting effect. For example, hundreds of rotationally symmetrical flood lights are commonly used in stadiums, which are installed on tall towers around the stadium to obtain high illumination high uniformity lighting effects.



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