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Advantages of waterproof wall washer in the lighting market

2020-05-09 00:00:00

An outdoor luminaire with many uses, which can be used in many kinds of outdoor lighting projects such as building lighting, manor lighting, outdoor lighting, ancient building lighting, bridge lighting, etc. Likes. The key usage of the wall washer is to light the outdoor brighten it, making the wall body a undulating light curtain, which is unsightly. Especially when it is used on bridges, if it has the effect of water spray, it looks very beautiful moving like a rainbow.



Regarding LED engineering lighting commercial lighting in full swing, LED home lighting is relatively quiet, however, LED table lamps as an important auxiliary tool for indoor lighting, its development is another phenomenon. "Now, energy saving environmental protection are now well-known, parents are paying more more attention to the health of their children's eyesight, purchasing a good LED table lamp has become their choice.

    The study room has floor lamps to provide mid-section lighting behind, desk lamps are placed on the table. A chandelier is installed in the dining room to define the regional space of the dining table, the focus is on food. The living room provides light for the display, a light trough is installed above the TV to provide diffuse reflection for the entire space. In the courtyard, a flood light is installed to illuminate the tree, making the tree a landscape in the dark. With the changes produced by light sources lamps, lighting design can create a comfortable attractive visual environment for your space, just enough.

In addition to the advantages of energy saving environmental protection, the light effect of the wall washer is also very good. Compared with ordinary lighting, wall washer manufacturers talk about the fact that the wall washer products pay more attention to the light efficiency of the product during processing. Under the treatment of nonlinear light effects, the light efficacy of the wall washer is very good It is clear the patterns are relatively bright. only that, the color of its lights is also very rich natural, which can bring people a more comfortable natural feeling visually.



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