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The main reason for affecting the life of LED wall washer is

2020-05-11 00:00:00

When it is raining snowing, when the lights are turned off to rest, the temperature in the LED wall washer body will drop sharply. The sharp drop in temperature will cause an instant pressure even greater vacuum inside the lamp housing. At this time, air moisture will sneak into the lamp body through the sealing gap condense into water droplets. Once the sealed lamp body produces water droplets, it will be easily discharged. Water droplets that cannot be discharged for a long time will corrode electronic components in the lamp body seriously affect the life of the LED wall washer.


If you do need to consider the problem of driving power supply failure, one of the performance of the high-power LED wall washer is: "light decay", which means that the longer it is used, the lower its brightness, until the life is exhausted Lights off.

Then we come back to the original question: Can the life of high-power LED wall washer be predicted? This question cannot be answered simply: "Yes" "No", we need to analyze it step by step.

The commonly used white LED beads are the effect of illuminating the yellow phosphor with blue light. Break down the main causes of light decay:

(1) is the decay of blue light itself.

(2) Attenuation of phosphor at high temperature. Each brand's product affects the temperature of light attenuation differently.



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