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【Nanyi Optoelectronics】Specially provide high-quality LED linear lights, LED point light sources, LED guardrail tubes, LED wall washers  other LED outdoor lighting lamps customization, rendering design, installation guidance, technical support, etc. for outdoor LED lighting engineering companies service.

     Our company is innovation-oriented, product is completely independent research  development,  appearance design to product configuration full name control, to provide customers with high-quality products with novel styles, superior quality  high cost performance. Nanyi Optoelectronics took the lead in applying structural waterproofing technology to practice, using the structural design of the lamp  the sealing of the process flow to reach the outdoor protection level required by the lamp, which  only greatly provides the beauty  technology of the lamp, but also improves the product The production efficiency meets the customer's time requirements; the lighting is kept improving,  the effects of the new lamps are matched multiple times to maximize the light efficiency, eliminate light waste  save energy.


   Nanyi Optoelectronics has been committed to building a brand enterprise in the LED outdoor lighting engineering lighting industry for 10 years. In line with the purpose of "providing customers to use at ease with thoughtful service  reliable product quality", Nanyi Optoelectronics has always used scientific design  rigorous The production process  exquisite craftsmanship are determined to create high-quality LED outdoor lighting products.






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7 years of non-standard customized production experience of LED lamps, strict production process control process, tailor-made lighting engineering solutions for you

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