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If you choose a regular manufacturer of LED wall washer

2020-05-11 00:00:00

Regular powerful manufacturers are the guarantee of quality support of technical services. Therefore, in the process of rotating LED wall washer, we must choose regular manufacturers. LED wall washer is a relatively common lamp in night scene lighting. It is mainly used to light the wall belongs to the surface light source. So how does the lighting project choose the appropriate LED wall washer according to demand?LED洗墙灯

The height of the LED wall washer is directly related to the power luminous angle of the lamp. The greater the power, the higher the brightness of the irradiation, the higher the irradiation height. At the same power, the smaller the beam angle, the higher the irradiation height. LED wall washer is commonly used with a 30° luminous angle. It is recommended to use 18W LED wall washer for lighting 1-3 meters, 24W wall washer for lighting 3-4 meters, 36W for 4-5 meters. Wall washer. Of course, there is no standard, because there are many factors that affect the lighting height. Try to let the manufacturer provide you with a lighting plan match the appropriate lamps according to the lighting plan.

Some dark walls uneven walls are relatively light-absorbing, such as 3 meters. The power of the selected LED wall washer is larger than that of the conventional wattage. Depending on the light absorption, 24W 36W wall washer may be used. In this case, it is necessary to conduct on-site test lights to determine how much power to use the LED wall washer.



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