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Expert knowledge of wall washer manufacturers

2020-05-11 00:00:00

1. Output power size: The output power size of the wall washer determines the projection distance. Generally, it has 12W, 18W, 24W, 36W, 48W other main parameters. But the output power is fixed. The output power can be easily changed according to the needs of the project!


2. Working voltage: The working voltage of the LED wall washer is AC AC DC, the built-in driving power supply is externally connected to AC220V. There is also direct current DC power is generally DC24V DC12V. DC24V is the most used today.

3. Color specification model: divided into single color. Colorful, full color.

4.led color temperature: 1800-2000K up down (golden yellow) 2800-3000K (warm white) 4000-4200K (neutral color) 5500-6000K (positive white) 7000K so belong to cool white.

5. IP waterproof rating: This is the key main parameter of the wall washer. The waterproof level must be around IP65, there are also provisions related to compression resistance, rupture resistance, high low temperature resistance, flame resistance, impact aging!

6. Surface glass: The surface glass retro-reflective lens, the light transmittance is 98-98.5%, it is easy to do atomization, it can resist UV radiation source.

7. Temperature at work: Since wall washer lamps are generally used outdoors, this main parameter will seem to be more critical, the temperature requirements are also higher. In general, people stipulate that the outdoor temperature is 40 degrees below zero 60 degrees above zero. Everything is working properly.

8. Bright angle of view: LED wall washer's bright angle of view is generally narrow light 5-15 degrees up down, there are basically 30-60 degrees, 120 degrees up down three. At this stage, the narrow-angle lens of the high-power LED wall washer in the light period can have a projection distance of 5-10 meters.

9. Control method: For the LED wall washer, there are two kinds of operation methods: internal control external control. Internal control means no controller. The actual effect of the program flow cannot be changed. External control is to open to the outside to connect the controller. Its actual effect can be changed according to the function keys of the controller. Generally, in large medium-sized engineering projects, customers stipulate that they can change the actual effect by themselves. Now more more of them are used.

10. Light source: generally choose 1W 3W LED as the light source. However, at this stage, 1W is the key choice on the market. Due to the large heat of 3W, the heat dissipation is good the light decay is faster.



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