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Power effect of LED wall washer

2020-05-25 00:00:00

LED wall washer will produce a certain amount of heat during work, different materials have different coefficients of thermal expansion. After long-term use, there will be gaps at the joints of different materials intake air; the difference is that the heating gas inside the lampshade will become cold at the lampshade. If the gas contains more water vapor at this time, water mist water droplets will appear. After a period of continuous lighting, the phenomenon will disappear. But do you know how to choose the angle of LED wall washer for outdoor wall washer?


First, using a 90° lens, if the lamp is illuminated on the wall, the diameter of the spot is a few meters the wall. Then, when the bulb illuminates the wall vertically, draw a straight line the bulb to the wall, dividing the lighting angle of the bulb into two. If the angle between the straight line of the bulb the oblique line with a large angle is 45°, it forms an isosceles right triangle with the radius of the wall spot. Isosceles refers to the radius of the spot the distance between the bulb the bulb. wall. Therefore, for a 90° lens, the radius of the light spot is equal to the distance between the lamp the wall. If a 120° lens is used, the radius of the spot is equal to 1.732 times the distance between the lamp the wall.

For different forms of led wall washer, there will also be different angle options. The in-line led wall washer is usually controlled by the mold strip the bracket. Generally, the deeper the bracket cup, the smaller the angle. The molding bar is also divided into a light-gathering molding bar a large-angle molding bar. For example, a 5mm bullet forming bar must have a smaller angle than a 5mm straw hat head. In addition, for the same module, the higher the card position, the smaller the angle.

Power LED wall washer, this light is generally determined by the bracket, lens inverted mold, the depth of the bracket cup determines the angle, the lens inverted mold have various angles for you to choose, such as 120 °, 140 ° 160 °. SMD led wall washer. The angle of SMD led is special. The angle is generally determined by the bracket. The angle of 3528.5050 is different. There are many adjustments. What angle is what angle can be controlled when dispensing.



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