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What are the new improvements for wall washer manufacturers?

2020-05-11 00:00:00

The wall washer is a lighting fixture with multiple uses. It can be used for various lighting projects such as building lighting, garden lighting, outdoor lighting, ancient building lighting, bridge lighting, etc. Loved by many customers.


Today's LED wall washer technology is very mature, quality monitoring is also very guaranteed, but it is also an outdoor lamp anyway. It has experienced many kinds of "tribulations" in the wind rain outside.

The society is changing with each passing day, technology is constantly developing. Under the baptism of this wave of society, either progress get out of the way. Wall washing lamps are no exception. They have begun the road of scientific research, manufacturers of wall washing lamps have also begun to transform upgrade. The wall washer has been gradually eliminated due to its own defects, so the structural waterproof wall washer was pushed onto the lighting stage.

Compared with the waterproof wall-washing lamp filled with glue, what new improvements does the structural waterproof wall-washing lamp have?

The waterproof structure, as the name implies, is to rely on the lamp body itself for waterproofing. It requires a relatively high level of technology to achieve it. Relying on its own structure to form a sealed environment to prevent water ingress, instead of using grouting as before, grouting. The waterproof performance is good, but because of some characteristics of the glue, it will accelerate the aging of the light source reduce the service life of the wall washer. Therefore, the structure of waterproof wall washer is the general trend, but all manufacturers use the ability to produce, only a certain strength of the manufacturer can produce.

In bad weather outdoors, no one can say when to come back. Once the bad weather is ushered in, although the quality of the wall washer is sufficient to ensure that it can work in a harsh environment, there will still be a certain chance if it encounters bad weather frequently Failure occurs, so maintenance work is essential, good maintenance can greatly extend the life of the LED wall washer.



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