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The installation precautions of outdoor wall washer are as follows

2020-05-11 00:00:00

LED wall washer has been widely used in a variety of venues, such as the lighting of the walls of corporate buildings, the lighting of government departments, the lighting of ancient buildings, the recreation entertainment clubs, the lighting of residential buildings. The scope of the design scheme is getting wider wider. In the next two years, the LED wall washer will turn the development trend into an essential part of the lighting project. The installation precautions of outdoor wall washer are as follows:


1. During the installation maintenance of the lamp, it should be ensured that it can be operated only when the power supply is cut off.

2. The lamp is only suitable for installation on the surface of non-combustible materials, at any time, do put materials objects on the lamp.

3. The lamps should be correctly wired, high-voltage wiring: the red wire is connected to the live wire, the black colored wire is grounded, the yellow wire is connected to the zero wire, the low-voltage 24V is connected to the power: the red is connected to the power supply V+. Connect the black power supply V-. ensure sturdiness. After the wire is connected, the coil should be screwed to prevent water ingress. Otherwise, water will cause damage to the lamp.

4. There should be no corrosive, flammable explosive media around the environment in which the lamps are used.

5. The parts connected to the lamp bracket should be strong to prevent accidents caused by the use environment other factors.

6. Applicable ambient temperature of lamps: -10℃~40℃.

7. The lamp is assembled with 1W LED light source. The power of the light source is 12*1W, 18*1W, 24X1W, 36*1W.

8. The lamp protection screen is made of 3MM tempered glass material. If it is damaged, please send it back to the original factory for replacement repair. Do replace it by yourself.

9. In order to ensure the normal service life of the lamp, the lamp cannot work continuously for a long time during use. Generally, the power supply should be cut off in time for about 8 hours of normal use, the lamp can be restarted after the lamp body cools down (about 20 minutes).

10. This lamp is fully sealed. After installation maintenance, it must be ensured that its sealing has worked before it can be used. The protection grade of this lamp is IP65, it can be used in places water is easily accumulated underwater.



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