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Advantages of outdoor wall washer for long-term outdoor use

2020-05-11 00:00:00

LED wall washer has been widely used in various places, such as the lighting of the walls of large-scale real estate, the lighting of municipal buildings, the lighting of the walls of ancient buildings, entertainment places, etc.; Indoor to outdoor, partial lighting to overall lighting. The application is getting wider wider.


The service life of the LED wall washer is relatively long. Its light source uses imported lamp beads, the life of the light source reaches 30,000 hours. in the actual application process can achieve better stability, functionality quality will be affected hurt by the outdoor environment, so the effect of the application is more perfect, without too complicated repair maintenance, you can achieve The longer-term use effect, the entire use process is also particularly stable, the failure rate is low, the advantages are better displayed during use.

The reason why there are a large number of applications of LED wall washer in outdoor lighting is that for such a lamp, in the process of use, the lamp itself can effectively withstand the wind, sunshine rain Because of the bad weather, it is easy to appear various failures due to weather conditions during use. In the harsh outdoor environment, only this kind of lamp can be qualified for lighting work. Of course, there is also an important aspect, that is, its corrosion resistance is very prominent. Even if it is eroded by rain, it is prone to corrosion.

This material stems its use of high-quality aluminum profiles. Its production process is to do oxidation treatment melt casting to extrusion molding. In this production process, two processes of heat cold are used, which has strong corrosion resistance. Therefore, the outdoor LED wall washer can withstand the wind rain!



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