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What role does led line light play in outdoor lighting project

2020-07-05 22:17:48

The power size of the led line light determines the projection interval. Usually, there are 18W, 24W, 36W, 48W other parameters. However, the power is fixed, the power can be sensitively changed according to the request. Usually, high-power LED line lights refer to a single row, those with multiple rows are called linear led flood lights. In addition, because of heat dissipation, choose a single 1W as a 1 meter wall washer. Do exceed 36W. Otherwise, if the heat dissipation is good, there will be severe light decay.


General outdoor lighting engineering companies mainly include the following aspects:

1. City street lighting system

2. Lighting of urban buildings

3. Greenland night scene lighting project

4. Increasing lamp project in streets

5. Urban light box door plaque renovation project

6. Street lamp monitoring project

What are the advantages of led line lights for outdoor lighting projects? In order to save space, outdoor lighting engineering companies have developed led line lights soldered pin-type components to the PCB. This practice is unbearable. These appearances are welded. The pin type component may be dropped due to virtual soldering other reasons, so it is necessary to adopt the jack welding method for these components. If the external welding method has to be adopted, this component should be provided with glue other methods. Additional guarantee



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